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With the RES Programme, the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency – helps German renewable energy companies enter new markets. The installation of climate-friendly energy technology projects in attractive target markets is accompanied by comprehensive information dissemination, marketing and training programmes. These flagship projects, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the German Energy Solutions Initiative, aim to show-case high-quality German renewable energy technology and help participating companies gain a foot-hold in new markets.

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German Energy Agency (dena)

dena is the centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems. As Agency for Applied Energy Transition we help achieve energy and climate policy objectives by developing solutions and putting them into practice, both nationally and internationally. In order to do this, we bring partners from politics and business together, across sectors. dena’s shareholders are the Federal Republic of Germany and the KfW Group.

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Germany energy Solutions Initiative

The transfer of energy expertise, the promotion of foreign trade and the facilitation of international development cooperation are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative, which is coordinated and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The initiative offers networking and business opportunities in Germany and abroad, it showcases reference projects and facilitates capacity building.

International activities

Our Project in Greece

In the context of the RES-program in Greece, we are designing, planning, installing and maintaining photovoltaic systems including battery storage and optional charging points for electric motorbikes (Power-to-Mobility) in northwest Corfu. Additionally, these plants will be used for demonstration and training purposes and serve our public relations efforts.
For any given solar panel surface, we will be offering three expansion stages.

These PV systems will lay the ground for future implementation of an independent and decentralised local smart grid.

Running succesfully

Reference System in Greece

Since the beginning of October 2020, Dimitris, owner of the Brouklis tavern in Arillas (north-west Corfu) has been pleased about free self-produced electricity. 27 solar modules supply his tavern with electricity in summer. A storage battery with 5.7kWh capacity ensures that the fridges continue to run in the evening or in the event of a power failure and that the guests are not left in the dark. Outside the season, the electricity is fed into his private household. In this way, the electricity consumption from the public grid can be reduced to the bare minimum all year round. The system also serves as a reference for our project activities in Greece.

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